Spazio RT is a design firm and showroom involved on different scales, from interior design and contemporary collections, to a variety of vintage and antique pieces.

Owned by Antonio and Jacopo Tabarelli de Fatis, for over twenty years the company has been designing and building interiors for apartments, commercial spaces and offices, both in Italy and abroad. Its framework includes the design and construction of custom furnishings and the creation of a dedicated collection of contemporary furniture pieces. Spazio RT also deals with antique furniture and the recovery and reuse of antique materials.

Advocated to design in all its expressions, Spazio RT is committed to a wide vision of interiors.

A cross generational approach leads to a combination of contemporary and antique pieces, fine art and folk art, fine materials and industrial materials. Spazio RT aims to provide a sense of well-being, through a balance between elements and materials from a variety of ages and cultures.

Sensitive to the contemporary taste, Spazio RT promotes exhibitions featuring young designers, artists and architects, in order to build useful working relationships and fruitful cultural exchanges.